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Careers in Community Change

The Community Planning program is designed as the entry point for students wanting to begin a rewarding career in the community and economic development industry by working to build livable, healthy and vibrant communities.

  • Community development specialists are needed to help local residents; government and businesses solve complex neighborhood problems.
  • Community developers work in community-based organizations, non-profits; banks, investment firms; city, state and federal governments; foundations; real estate development companies; social service agencies; job training and placement organizations; and think-tanks.
  • The community and economic development industry allows individuals to improve the quality of life in low-moderate communities while earning competitive salaries.
  • Many community developers begin with community organizing and transition to housing and workforce development as a natural growth within the industry.
  • Most professionals begin to climb up the industry chain and are able to apply their knowledge and skills across different sectors within the industry.
  • The skills and knowledge learned in the Community Planning program allow students to be marketable in the non-profit and for-profit corporations.
  • Companies and organizations are interested in hiring individuals that have solid skills, good understanding and analysis of the problems and can help deliver solid and sustainable solutions to the problems facing low and moderate income cities across the region, state and country.



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