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About ComPlan

The Community Planning program at LATTC is the first program offered at an accredited community college in the United States. Our unique program equips students with the knowledge and training needed for successful employment in the field of community and economic development.



The Community Planning curriculum and courses are relevant, industry appropriate and cutting-edge. Industry experts (academic and practitioners) develop, design and teach our courses.

  • Our industry partnerships provide critical resources for our students, providing them with invaluable employment, volunteer, internship and networking opportunities.
  • Our courses are structured to be laboratories (classroom and field work) that combine lecture, project driven learning and hands-on application of knowledge to contemporary issues affecting communities.
  • Community planning courses are taught during the evening/weekends on campus and in the community to provide students with the greatest range of educational opportunities.



The community and economic development industry focuses on revitalizing low and moderate income communities. Rebuilding the economic, physical and social infrastructure of urban communities represents a new, growing and exciting career opportunity. The community and economic development industry has three main goals.


  • COMMUNITY WEALTH BUILDING: Change the economy of a community for the better by increasing the income and wealth of residents, generating investments and connecting assets with economic opportunities accessible by residents and stakeholders;
  • URBAN PLANNING: Improve the physical and environmental nature of the neighborhood, from its housing, green space, shopping areas, transportation corridors, public spaces, and environmental health; and
  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Strengthen the social bonds among residents and develop the infrastructure in communities – organizing the community, building leadership, civic engagement and connecting people with quality social services.

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