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Transportation Academic Programs

University of California Los Angeles

Department of Urban Planning

Luskin School of Public Affairs


The UCLA Department of Urban Planning is at the intersection of unique academic, regional, geographic, and professional resources that creates a learning environment unlike any other. Los Angeles, one of the most culturally diverse and exciting urban settings in the world, serves as a unique laboratory for faculty and students to study and solve urban issues and problems. The world-class faculty in the department—nationally and internationally recognized scholars and leaders in community development, environmental planning, housing, land development, regional and international development, transportation, and urban design—prepare master’s and doctoral degree students to address the social, economic, and spatial relationships that shape society.




Temple University

School of Environmental Design

Department of Community and Regional Planning


Community development as a field embraces both citizen activists and professionals in planned efforts to identify, enhance, and create social and physical assets that increase the capacity of residents to improve their quality of life. Community development focuses on grass roots, community-based initiatives, complimenting the field of Community and Regional Planning, which is often more policy driven and government sponsored.




Pratt Institute

City and Regional Planning Program


The partnership between Pratt Institute and NJ TRANSIT gives students more transportation options and opportunities. Pratt Institute full-time undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to receive a rail, bus, or light rail monthly pass at 25% off of the regular monthly pass price, when they enroll online through NJ TRANSIT’s Quik-Tik program. Please note: students must be full time and can purchase passes only between place of residence and location of school. Entering other locations will result in rejection of the enrollment.


University of Washington

Department of Urban Design and Planning

College of Built Environments


Our vision is to provide leadership in contemporary issues of design to our college, university, and region through innovative research and teaching and interdisciplinary collaboration. We champion architecture as a critical urban and cultural practice that integrates a complex array of social, ethical and ecological concerns with the research activities of the academy and the technical advances of the building industries and the profession.



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